What Are the Services of Fishers Pediatrics?

Fishers Pediatrics is a small family run business in Bend Oregon that specialize in providing excellent treatment and care to kids. The staff is highly qualified and very professional in helping kids with all types of health problems. This Pediatric practice is located just minutes from Bend Oregon Pediatric Center and Pacific Health System. Kids are always happy to go to Fishers Pediatrics and have fun here. Their friendly staff is always willing to help and they really love their patients.

Fishers pediatrics

There are three branches of Fishers Pediatric, one branch is in Bend, the other is located in Tigard and the last is in Gresham. All these branches offer excellent services to children of all ages. Fishers Pediatric provides a full range of pediatric services to children. They offer primary care, specialty care and urgent care for children.

Primary care services provided by Fishers Pediatric is aimed at providing general pediatric care. They provide vaccines and immunizations as well as allergy screenings and manage appointments. Infants and children are also referred to this Pediatric Practice for special care. Specialty care is aimed at providing a specialized approach to a wide variety of diseases and health conditions that affect children. These include autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, CTS, cerebral palsy and many more.

Specialty care is aimed at specific areas. One special area is for those children who have been diagnosed with Leukemia or have other blood related disorders. Fishers Pediatric has very expert pediatricians who are committed to helping out and giving support to their patients. They provide support in dealing with the anxiety of a child suffering from cancer or leukemia. They also provide treatment plans and monitoring services.

Emergency care for children is also offered by Fishers Pediatric. Emergency care for infants includes giving them initial medical attention and then monitoring their growth and the response of the body system. Specialty areas for these are neonatology, ER doctors, emergency pediatric, ICU, Pediatrics, gynecological, pediatric surgery and cardiology. Anemia and dehydration problems are also taken care of.

Fishers Pediatric also provides specialty care for children who are suffering from severe allergies. Testing is done to identify and treat such allergies. There are also specialists for musculoskeletal problems. Children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder are referred to this Pediatric Practice. Special services are also offered for mentally retarded and physically challenged children. Some of the children with such disorders may require extra care in the form of home monitoring.