The Best Backpack For Back Pain

backpack for back pain

There’s much more difference between male and female backpacks. When selecting the best backpack for back pain, it’s important to think about your sex. You need a very good fit. There are even reasons for insisting on a gender-specific backpack for backpacking, hiking or travel. It’s an easy way to ensure that your back pack will fit you perfectly and won’t be an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe mess.

When it comes to the backpack itself, you should pay special attention to the padding inside. Backpack padding is critical because it absorbs your body’s weight, allowing you to carry a heavier load without any extra strain. Padding also helps protect the frame, which can become a real sore backside after carrying the same weight for several hours. Look for a backpack with at least a half dozen of the most highly recommended padding materials to keep your back strong.

Another feature to look for is a laptop compartment. Many backpacks provide a main compartment and a zippered interior panel for an easy place to store your laptop while on the hike or bike. Laptops are smaller than laptops, so it’s a good idea to make sure the main compartment is large enough to accommodate your computer. In addition, an organized backpack means there are no challenges trying to find your keys, cell phone, wallet or other small items. Just find the things you need and keep them in order.

A second consideration is how the backpack handles. There are several designs with suspension systems, including a padded backrest for extra support and a waist belt for stability. When choosing which backpack features this important suspension system, it’s important to choose one that works with your body weight and minimizes fatigue. Again, if you’re just visiting the office or on the weekend, there’s no reason to spend extra money on a fancy backpack, but if you’re hiking long distances, it may make a difference in your comfort level.

The backpack’s straps also matter. A few features include padded straps for the shoulder and wrist, padded straps around the waist for added support and straps that are fully adjustable and easy to launder. If you plan on carrying a heavy load on your back, look for a backpack with an adjustable weight. It will be heavier, but it will also provide more support.

Pockets are an important part of backpacks as well. Backpack designers have provided many different ways to organize your gear so you have plenty of storage space. Some backpacks are built with more external pockets, while others include internal compartments and individual pockets for your GPS, water bottles, sunglasses, cell phone, iPod and other small items. Having different pockets makes it easier to reach what you need without wasting time searching for the right item.