Consider Genesis Regenative Medicine

Genesis Regenative Medicine

Genesis Regenerative Medicine is a form of regenerative medicine that uses the body’s own defenses, including its own DNA, to cure chronic and even acute conditions. It was developed by Drs. Albert Perrie and John Whitaker and is based on the theory of potentiation. This means that the cells that are healthy and functioning properly are potentized, so when they become injured or infected, their ability to heal is increased.

We are all born with a built-in defense mechanism in place to protect us from viruses and bacteria. But as we grow older, our immune system starts to weaken and this weakens our bodies’ ability to fight these invaders. As we age, the body also loses many of its innate abilities and can no longer distinguish between healthy cells and foreign bodies. This leads to organ dysfunction, chronic disease and premature aging.

In order to increase the body’s ability to fight disease and illness, Drs. Perrie and Whitaker introduce stem cells into the body. These cells are derived from one’s own bone marrow, which is where the body creates new blood cells. Using these cells, the body creates antibodies and other substances to attack foreign bodies and ward off infection. When the internal organs and tissues are strengthened, the immune system can more effectively combat illness and disease.

The strength of an immune system is determined by a number of factors, but most experts agree that genetics play a major role. In addition, healthy cells are dispersed throughout the body. Therefore, if there is a severe injury to a part of the body, for example, the cells will be damaged more easily and may not be as effective at fighting off infection. This is where Genesis healing herbs come in. By using specially made blends of herbs and other plant based compounds, Genesis restores some of these lost nutrients and helps to restore the body’s overall health and strength.

Many people experience ailments such as arthritis, digestive problems, allergies, fatigue, fibromyalgia, low energy, joint pain and mood disorders as a result of various conditions in their body. When a person feels bad, their body produces chemicals such as cortisol to try to fight the perceived pain. However, cortisol is not always effective. Sometimes the body does not always have the right weapons to fight infections and toxins, making us feel sick. By using natural substances, such as Genesis supplements, we can strengthen our body’s defenses so it can better protect us against disease and illness.

The herbs used in Genesis Regenative Medicine include Yam, Nettles, Ginger, Willow, Blueberry, Licorice Root, Gotu Kola, Burdock, Peppermint, Licorice root and Aloe Vera. Each of these herbs has unique properties that help to strengthen the immune system. As we age, our body’s ability to fight disease decreases, which can lead to all kinds of health problems. By taking an herb supplement that contains ingredients that have been proven to boost the immune system, we can strengthen our body so it can fight off colds and flu instead of merely having a series of symptoms. These types of products are readily available in stores and on the Internet. When you choose Genesis Regenative Medicine, you are helping to provide your body with the tools it needs to battle the common effects of aging.