Are You Living Your Sunergetic Life?

Sunergetic is a word that literally means “of the sun”. Sunergetic, like Sun and its relationship to the sun, is a form of spiritual energy that comes from the sun. It is one of the four primary energies or chakras and has to be balanced in order for the body to function properly.

The Sun’s rays are the most powerful of all sources of energy. The rays from the sun have healing properties that are unique to them. These rays are capable of affecting the entire body’s cellular and molecular level and are used to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds.

The sun’s rays can enter the body through the five natural channels of the nose, throat, head, chest, or heart. They can then move to any other part of the body if a person is receptive. Although they are powerful, the rays have to be received by the skin first before they can affect the body. The rays are transmitted through the blood to the different parts of the body when they enter the skin.

The sun provides healing in many different ways and is responsible for the skin’s health. The rays have the capability to change the color and texture of the skin as well as change the cells of the skin. These changes occur in an internal body process called autolysis. This process is how the body heals itself. It is also why people who are sunburned often have a burn that is much deeper than those who are not.

The sun’s rays are used in the body to create energy and oxygen. When the rays enter the body they are carried to various parts of the body. The rays then help create new energy from within to replace the ones that have been lost or are not functioning properly. There are also several different kinds of healing energy produced in the body by the sun including: the Kundalini, the Laya, the Vishnu, the Vishuddha and the Sattva.

By changing our lifestyle we can change the way that the sun influences us and the way that we heal. We need to learn to make an effort to make the sun and its rays into an essential part of our life!

If we are able to absorb more of the sun’s rays and give them a chance to do their healing, we will receive increased vitality and the ability to change our bodies and the bodies of others. We can use this energy for our own well-being. We can learn to heal ourselves or others.

People who live on the ocean can use the sun’s rays to create more life in the water, allowing fish to live longer, stronger lives, and heal faster. This is not the case with humans however. The rays can be very difficult to absorb in our polluted environment. Therefore it would seem that this energy source is being wasted in this case as well.