What is Custom Cabinetry?

Rune Wood Custom Cabinetry is the most basic type of furniture typically found in most kitchens. The cabinets are built-in storage for utensils, dishes, pots and pans, and even silverware and glasses for display service. Appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are also often incorporated into custom cabinetry.

Many homeowners have a preference to buy their kitchen cabinet already made, but this can be expensive. Fortunately, with the advent of modern technology, almost anyone can create custom-made kitchen cabinets at home. However, it takes a great deal of work. You must decide on the design, the color, the finish, and the hardware and installation. In the end, you should have the look and feel you want in your kitchen.

Design is the first thing that comes to your mind when you consider custom-made cabinets. However, there is actually a big difference between a custom made cabinet and a ready-made one. Ready-made cabinets are ready-made because the manufacturer has built the cabinets to order and the retailer has placed an order for them. This means that you can go to a home improvement store and get a ready-made cabinet, but you have to pay extra for the cost of labor and shipping and handling. With custom cabinets, you are given a lot of options for style and designs. You have to make sure that your choices are suitable for the theme of your home.

The first consideration when choosing a kitchen cabinet is the size. There are different sizes that are available for custom-made cabinets. You can find cabinet doors made from wood or steel. Your choice of color will depend on the overall decor of your kitchen. For instance, lighter woods like pine and spruce are better for smaller kitchens while mahogany and teak are good for larger kitchens.

After you have made your decision on the design, you will also have to decide on the finish. You can choose the natural-appearing wood stain, a gloss, or even paint. Also, you have to decide whether you want to paint or varnish your cabinet doors. The finish must be suitable with the other interior accessories of the kitchen, as well as the kitchen’s overall decor. It should be easy to match, durable and last for many years.

Kitchen cabinet finishes range from plain wood to the more decorative and elaborate pieces, which can be made to resemble antique designs or more modern ones. In fact, you can even get the cabinet installed in a new look by using pre-fabricated panels. For those who want to save some money, you can build a custom cabinet yourself. There are also some companies that provide you with a custom-made sink, countertop, and flooring. These are usually sold as separate items, so you can still customize the cabinet to your liking.